Wednesday, April 6, 2011

St Tudwals Islands

The lighthouse on St Tudwal's Island was built in 1877, and sits on St Tudwal's West.  It's not the prettiest light in the world as it's only a stumpy little affair standing only 11 metres high but the islands and the surrounding scenery make up for that.

St Tudwal's Island Lighthouse

As we drove westwards along the Llyn Peninsula there wasn't a breath of wind and the sea was mirror calm.  Late in January with a chill in the air we were never going to have to worry about the usual crowds you find in Abersoch but it was surprising to find it as empty as we did as we unloaded the boats.

The spring tides swept us on to the top of the the East island where we headed down the East side with the low cliffs to one side of us and the mountains of Snowdonia in the haze across the bay.

Ruth with Snowdonia in the Background

The South end of the island produced higher cliffs and several interesting caves to explore, as we investigated the caves we were investigated by the locals. Last seasons seal pups were lively enough to want to get involved and played around the boats as we paddled back up the west side of the island.

Cave Photo

Checked out by the Locals

We paddled across the sound to the West island to be greeted by friendly signs telling us in no uncertain terms that we were no welcome, you'd have thought mr Gryll's would have been a bit more welcoming to intrepid explorers.  After rounding the West Island we decided to head South round the headland to take a break on the beach in Porth Ceiriad, this stretch of coast provided more cliffs and caves but just felt much less wild, which was a little disappointing.

Mark heading into a cave back on the mainland

After a pleasant paddle we were just left with the paddle back to Abersoch, unfortunately the wind had been rising through the day, and we were left with a pull back against the wind and tide.  The beach huts along the beach in Abersoch brightened up what could have been a slog and we were soon repacking the cars ready to head home having warmed ourselves up for the year and ticked off the 1st of my lighthouses.

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