Thursday, April 7, 2011

North Coast of Anglesey

Having whetted his appetite with a Sea Kayak Nav Course (courtesy of Mr Tozer Myself and Bill had been trying to get the ideal trip to break Dave in to the world of sea paddling.  Dave is an experienced ww paddler but the whole pointy boat thing is a little alien to him.  With neap tides, light winds and sunshine forecast a trip along the north coast of Anglesey seemed the ideal trip, with cliffs, beaches, a bit of tidal squeezing and lunch in the fabulous Porth Wen brickworks then if you don't like this then you won't like the sea.

Six of us set out from Cemaes with the start of the flood to paddle along the coast round point Lynas and finishing just north of Moelfre.  The wind was a little brisker than expected and with it opposing the tide we were in for a choppy paddle as we headed east. 

A trio of Romany's setting off.

Bill and Dave setting out

We made our way along the coast ducking in and out of the rocks and gullies along the shoreline ...

and enjoying the lumpy sections as the tide was squeezed past the headlands against the wind.

We stopped at Porth Wen for lunch.

Ruth surrounded by lunch.

Bill infront of the brickworks

Hauled out on the beach.

The wind had died down and swung to the north as we headed past east mouse towards Point Lynas in the distance ...

before being whisked past through the tide race.

The remaining paddle was a little disappointing with the scenery not really matching up to what had come before and the back eddy running stronger than we'd expected into our faces until we reached the take out.

It did tick off the fourth lighthouse of the year as i rounded the point.  The lighthouse on Point lynas has been around since 1779 as a pair of oil lamps on a tower.  The light was built in it's current form in 1835 by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.  The light is situated at the bottom of the tower the same arrangement as that of the disused light on the Great Orme.  You can now rent the old keepers accomodation if you fancy a stay.

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  1. Like the blog so far. Also a great idea to paddle to all the lighthouses, gives your paddling a bit of focus and prevents you always paddling in the same places. Always easier to stick with the familiar than to check out somewhere new. Good luck with the venture and keep us informed.